front running trades

Decoding Front Running Trades

Front running trades are trades where an investor has placed an order in a stock while in possession of “non-public information” of “a substantial impending transaction” in that stock. Such trades not only distort the level playing field in the securities market by taking advantage of unequal information acquired through unfair means but also affect market integrity. This note tracks the evolution of jurisprudence related to front running in India and highlights the interpretational challenges and evidentiary issues relating to front running trades.

Enforcement of Securities Law

Global Investigations Review: The Guide to International Enforcement of the Securities Laws (Second Edition)

We are pleased to present the India chapter of the Global Investigations Review’s Guide to International Enforcement of the Securities Laws (Second Edition). The India chapter has been authored by Niti Dixit, Shahezad Kazi, Zahra Aziz and Gladwin Issac, all lawyers at S&R.
The India chapter provides information on relevant statutes and the government authorities responsible for investigating and enforcing them, conduct most commonly the subject of securities enforcement, and legal issues that commonly arise in enforcement investigations in India.