Clean Energy

Clean Energy: Issue 1 of 2024

Issue 1 of 2024 of S&R’s Quarterly Roundup Series on Clean Energy covers the period between January and March 2024. The covered period witnessed several transformational developments, such as those in respect of the Electricity Rules, 2005 involving the delicensing of transmission lines and capping of open access charges; a renewed focus on distributed/decentralized solar energy; requirements related to the approved list of manufactures and models in connection with solar photovoltaic modules; green hydrogen policies at the state level (e.g., Uttar Pradesh); and incentive schemes and guidelines for pilot projects across key sectors (like shipping, steel and transport) related to the production and supply of green hydrogen and green ammonia, along with detailed scheme guidelines for the manufacture of electrolyzers, the setting up of hydrogen hubs, as well as on research and development and skilling.

New Partners and Counsel

S&R Associates Announces New Partners and Counsel

We are pleased to announce that Oishika Dasgupta, Akshat Kulshrestha, Meher Mehta and Kinnari Sanghvi have been designated as retained partners at S&R Associates. We are also pleased to announce that Shiv Bhargava and Apurv Sharma have been designated as counsel at the Firm.